Norwegian exploration company uses two Metrol products to improve and deliver a successful well test.

14th August 2017

It is a requirement stipulated in the NORSOK 10.3 standard that, where possible, a packer should be pressure tested in the direction of flow. Metrol’s CROSS-FIRE wireless firing head allowed the client to pressure test below the packer without the risk of accidental detonation of the TCP guns.

KUBIC-FLUX creates the perfect pressure environment at the reservoir in preparation for long term reservoir monitoring.

In this case a port was opened to an atmospheric chamber when the gauges were isolated at the zone below a plug.

See client KUBIC-FLUX testimonial below.


"I first used Metrol’s KUBIC-FLUX on a high profile deep water job in West Africa. We had planned to isolate and suspend gauges in a well and observe data wirelessly looking for interference and connectivity with adjoining wells. 

KUBIC-FLUX was run to ensure that the gauges read a true representative reservoir pressure, rather than an overbalanced pressure caused by a previous hydrostatic. KUBIC-FLUX was activated wirelessly and reservoir effluent flowed into an atmospheric chamber causing the well pressure to equilibrate. The pressure dropped by approximately 120 psi. 

I have to confess to being a little sceptical that KUBIC-FLUX would make a difference. I was however pleasantly surprised with the reservoir team, and to witness KUBIC-FLUX activation confirm function and reservoir pressure balance from beneath the isolation plug. This gave us the confidence that any interference pressure pulses would be detected in the coming months and years."

Metrol Client