A scheduled maintenance event highlighted the flexibility of a deep water wireless deployment in the Gulf of Mexico.

14th August 2017

In 2010 an existing well in the Green Canyon field was re-completed and data enabled with Metrol’s PARAGON wireless system. A TA cap was retro-fitted to the horizontal subsea tree with sonar/acoustic modules and tied back to a TLP. The well was shut in for 35 days to allow essential repair work to tension cables of the platform. In May 2017 the PARAGON wireless system allowed us to re-program multiple gauges monitoring two zones and capture the 35 day build up with a fast sample rate.


"I would like to thank you all for the cooperation and timely responses while completing this challenging task in a really squeezed time period. I appreciate all your hard work. A big thanks!

Now the sonar has been removed from the water and the gauge has been re-programmed to cover the shut-in."

Metrol Client