Ensuring the future potential of new oil discoveries in Senegal.

6th July 2017

Senegal, a country on Africa’s west coast is on the verge of an oil and gas boom, as newly discovered oil and gas fields are expected to begin production within the next decade.

Using the PARAGON-EM wireless system Metrol is helping our project partner to gain better insight into the size and scope of a new development off the coast of Senegal.

The PARAGON-EM wireless system allows pressure gauges to be left in a well, below a cement plug, and be monitored wirelessly for months or even years.

When adjoining wells are drilled and flow tested, these gauges will detect pressure pulses based on reservoir connectivity and continuity. This system helps define the size of the field, plan efficient drainage and help decide location of future wells.

Watch this movie of FAR Ltd's Chief Geoscientist, Jon Keall, explaining the interference test on the SNE-6 well offshore Senegal.