Paragon EM

The Metrol PARAGON EM System records and wirelessly transmits pressure and temperature measurements from multiple discrete locations in the well.


  • High accuracy, high resolution data collected from OCULUS gauges
  • Engineered to fit with standard industry completion and abandonment equipment
  • Multiple surface sonar options including autonomous vehicles
  • Long term observation and well test gauges built using the same transducer specification, providing directly comparable data sets
  • Modular equipment and simple interfacing, gained through years of industry deployment experience
  • Can be integrated with other Metrol telemetry, sensor and actuation systems


  • Safer well abandonment; the barrier envelope can be monitored for several years
  • Cost effective:
    • No requirement to bring a rig back to location while maintaining surface read out
    • Low volume of equipment required in hole
  • Advanced reservoir understanding - continuous survey and no loss of data between drilling, well test and abandonment phases
  • Comprehensive barrier qualification and monitoring data
  • All data recorded to gauge memory and never lost


  • Well testing
  • Extended well testing
  • Observation / appraisal wells (long term monitoring)
  • Permanent abandonment
  • Barrier monitoring
  • Barrier verification
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Retrofit capability - existing completions
  • Multizone monitoring
  • Open-hole monitoring