Metrol invited to present at the 21st Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium.

16th August 2017

Metrol will deliver a technical presentation to The 21st Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium 21-23 August 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana. Part of the talk will include field examples of how Metrol's wireless thermal mapping tool PRO-LOG enhances understanding of the sandface.

See abstract below including an example showing how PRO-LOG captures sandface fluid movement and defines the height of the producing zone.


A PLT run has traditionally been the most effective method of understanding fluid movement from the reservoir, defining net pay and reducing uncertainties. A new method of wirelessly integrating temperature sensors into the lower completion and collecting a thermal image of the producing intervals can provide a comprehensive and detailed calibration of the reservoir model. Some field histories will show how this data can help with well management, optimise production and extend field life.

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