Intelligent TCP Firing Head

CROSS-FIRE offers a wireless, safe and precise perforating system for increasingly complex and demanding scenarios.


CROSS-FIRE is designed to actuate any percussion style firing head by emulating the action of a drop bar, without the use of a pressure pulse signature. CROSS-FIRE ensures that the pressure safety feature of the standard hydrostatic firing head is maintained.


Multiple tools can be run at the same time, for fully selectable zonal testing

  • Integrated with proven Metrol Paragon Telemetry system
  • Long battery life, power save functionality, minimum of 40 days
  • Coded digital fire command sequence
  • Adaptable to all makes, models and sizes of drop bar/hydrostatic firing heads


  • Ability to adapt to changing well test sequence as required, no pre-set fire sequences
  • Removes uncertainty of conventional ‘blind’ pressure activation with bi-directional real time communications
  • Eliminates risk of misfire due to incorrect pressure calculations, and permits use in highly deviated wells
  • Full choice of TCP gun vendor