Calculating permeability needs an accurate measurement of the height of the pay and PRO-LOG is an invaluable tool in aiding PTA

23rd February 2018


Calculation of the key value of permeability is critically dependent on an accurate knowledge of the total height of the pay.

PRO-LOG provides a thermal image across the length of the producing interval and adds a clarity that pressure gauges alone cannot deliver. The length of perforation interval and estimate of pay zones is often pre-determined by the information collected from the logs, but of course, until the well is flowed, there is no way of seeing which part is producing.

The video clip below demonstrates why PRO-LOG can be so valuable in aiding understanding; it reveals how an unexpected clean-up event towards the end of the main flow period increases the height of the pay by 20%. Even more revealing is the cross-flow during the build-up as the formation re-balances itself.

PRO-LOG has been run on 7” guns, 4 ½” guns, perforated tail pipe and integrated into sand screens. It has been shown to be extremely robust as the sensors are often positioned between and alongside the shots of the guns. PRO-LOG should be considered on all DST’s to accurately evaluate the producing intervals and help achieve well test objectives.

Finally, PRO-LOG is also suitable for long term applications as the battery technology enables up to ten years life depending on temperature. For further information contact Metrol.