Wireless telemetry transports DST technology into the 21st century.

28th February 2018


Metrol has been involved in a well testing contract since the middle of 2017 with a major national oil company who are very active in the drilling and testing arena.  The contract involves two technical categories of DST tools to meet the testing requirements, a high tech section and a low tech section.  Metrol is supplying our FLOW-SURE intelligent tester tools to meet the high tech component in the contract. This includes the FLOW-SURE BV “ball valve” and the FLOW-SURE MC “circulating valve”

Metrol’s FLOW-SURE intelligent valves are actuated using pressure pulse signatures in the annulus. However, it has been extremely useful during this contract to wirelessly corroborate valve movements using our acoustic communication pathway. Each valve has an in-built electronic position sensor that detects the exact movement of the actuating piston, and therefore confirms full closure or opening of the valves. When there is uncertainty downhole, Metrol is able to provide data and confirm status.

Even in the unlikely scenario that the packer is unset, annulus pressure control is lost, and the DST string is being pulled, it is still possible to function the FLOW-SURE BV closed should it ever be necessary and view any pressure data wirelessly. For more information on our intelligent DST services please contact us sales@metrol.co.uk.