Wireless telemetry reducing cost and risk for integrity monitoring.

4th July 2017

In 2017 Metrol completed four successful downhole wireless interrogations proving barrier pressure integrity. The right monitoring of pressure integrity of shallow set barriers is an essential part of a major UK North Sea operators abandonment program of eleven wells.

Using Metrol’s TRITON sea-bed communication system our company can continue to provide long-term wireless downhole barrier integrity monitoring without well intervention. This allows us to effectively monitor the well for up to five years, while limiting environmental exposure, reducing operational and commercial risk as well as cost and providing downhole visibility and barrier confidence.

What is wireless telemetry?

Wireless telemetry typically involves inserting a signal from surface to the wellhead. There are no drilling feedthroughs or penetrations as the tools are simply attached, and transmit right through to wireless transceivers installed lower down in the well.

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