Downhole Wireless Telemetry


  • Wireless bottomhole OCULUS pressure data acquisition for DSTs
  • Wireless actuation of ORIGIN PVT bottomhole samplers
  • Wireless actuation of downhole FLOW-SURE valves for multi-zone testing
  • Wireless collection of PRO-LOG flow profile data


  • Robust telemetry protocols evolved over 20 years ensures inbuilt redundancy and faster transmission speeds
  • A simple running procedure allows equipment to be prepared offline minimising rig time
  • Each telemetry relay station has a memory and a temperature recording ability
  • Transmits across packers, sand screens, gravel packs and horizontal section


  • Wireless is a significant advance in safety over conventional wireline systems, particularly in HP/HT and H2S environment
  • View downhole data at surface as soon as the string is in the hole to:
    • Assess and adjust hydrostatic balance
    • Monitor reservoir information to adjust test time, maximise results and minimise cost
    • Gather valuable downhole information for troubleshooting