Nixus Durable Downhole Pressure Gauge

The NIXUS gauge records pressure and temperature, it is rugged and able to transmit data for DST operations and production wells.


NIXUS is suitable for use during DSTs, has very low power consumption and will also work for many years in production wells.

With the PARAGON system, and duplex control, the NIXUS can be reprogrammed from surface. This allows high time resolution data to be captured and analysed. An example of this is stimulation or fracking where screen out or hot spots can be captured on memory in a fraction of a second, and presented at surface for instant examination.


Metrol has used NIXUS for:

  • stimulation & fracking
  • acid jobs
  • gravel packs
  • DST transient analysis
  • leak detection
  • zonal isolation
  • packer integrity
  • barrier integrity
  • plug integrity