The KRYSALIS is retrievable well testing packer system which provides the features and performance of a permanent production packer for drillstem testing.


It is primarily run in a single trip, it is retrievable and designed to be compatible with the PARAGON suite of wireless tools for use in single DST’s, multi-zone DST’s and production wells.

The KRYSALIS high-integrity single-trip packer is set by opening a port to a hydrostatic setting chamber and allowing well pressure to act on a piston. This pressure provides the setting force and movement of the packer components during transition, also releasing the seal stem assembly, allowing the packer to be spaced out.

The packer can be set by bursting a rupture disc or opening the setting port using a wireless telemetry activation command.

The packer is retrieved by applying tension to the seal stem, shearing out the tool, collapsing the slips and creating an area for the packing element to relax whilst opening a flow bypass to prevent swabbing.

Features & Benefits

  • Single-trip, hydraulically set, no requirement for drill collars and simplifies DST string design as it eliminates the need for running numerous Slip Joints, Jars and Safety Joints.
  • No need to stab and unstab seals from sealbore for major string space out.
  • No requirement to rotate the string to set packer, so ideal for deviated or subsea wells.
  • Non elastomeric premium seal unit on locator may be body tested in any locator space out.
  • Subsea tree and gun positioning before isolation packer setting.
  • Simple adjustment of locator space out; no subs or crossovers required.
  • Stinger seal engagement in sealbore at all times.
  • Built-in contingency release.
  • Several packers can be set allowing multi- zone DST options.
  • Data from gauges positioned below packer is retrieved wirelessly and not subjected to string movement.
  • Barrel slip design.