The DAB-V is a dual-action ball valve that is controlled by applying pressure to the annulus. This valve can be used to pressure test a DST string and can replace the FPT-V flapper valve as well as function as a simple DST shut-in valve.


The DAB-V can be run open or closed and is actuated by annulus overpressure on a rupture disc. There is a second rupture disc with a higher pressure rating that, when burst, will return the ball to the initial position.

A latching mechanism is used to prevent the valve from accidental actuation; tubing pressure will also generate an additional positive force holding the valve in the initial position.

In an HP/HT environment an additional valve can be run above the BHA to protect the tools/samplers etc from over pressure during pressure tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be run in hole open or closed
  • Can be run and configured as a ‘one move’ or a ‘two move’ tool
  • Potential replacement for the FPT-V, to avoid swabbing on floating rigs
  • Valve incorporates non-elastomeric primary sealing
  • Option to run as a single actuation ball valve