Drain Valve

The Drain Valve enables the safe extraction at surface of downhole trapped fluids.


When the string is retrieved from downhole there can often be fluid trapped between two closed valves that may be under pressure. The Metrol Drain Valve placed between these valves allows a safe and controlled method of bleeding off this trapped pressure and, if desired, collecting the fluid in a sample chamber. The valve allows for the installation of a high pressure needle valve assembly with a gauge monitoring the internal pressure prior to bleed off. A bulk sample can be removed at this point if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe method of relieving high pressure trapped downhole
  • Commonly used after a drill stem test
  • Can be used in stimulation strings
  • Useful to recover bulk reservoir fluid samples
  • Drain sub can be integrated into other Metrol valve assemblies to mitigate the risk of trapped pressure