Annulus Rupture Circulating Valve

The Annulus Rupture Circulating Valve from Metrol is a simple reversing valve with positive lock open/close feature.


The ARC-V operates by applying annulus pressure to burst a rupture disc. Once actuated, the reversing ports are locked open. The ARC-V is typically opened at the completion of the downhole test to reverse out fluids produced during the test.

A ratchet holds the valve in the closed position until the disc is ruptured. When the rupture disc bursts, hydrostatic pressure is applied to the operator mandrel, moving it against the atmospheric chamber.

Eight circulating ports with a combined flow area that exceeds the ID of the tool are exposed to allow efficient well killing operations.

After pressure has ruptured the disc, and the circulating valve has functioned, the mandrel is postively held open using the same ratchet that originally held it closed.

Features & Benefits

  • Postitive lock in the open and closed position
  • Full bore flow area circulating ports
  • Integral pip tag if required
  • Restrictors can be fitted to flow ports if required
  • Field replaceable rupture disc