PARAGON EM delivers better reservoir analysis enabled by high resolution data.

19th December 2018

Metrol has now successfully established its PARAGON wireless telemetry to include a hybrid system of both acoustics and electromagnetics and, at the same time, met the challenge of collecting and transmitting high concentrations of data. One of the efficiencies of combining telemetries has been the use of acoustics to activate a below packer isolation valve. This ensures reservoir build-up pressure is collected at the gauges uninterrupted and seamlessly transitions from well test to observation mode.


Our competitor's electromagnetic systems have significant data capability deficits with intermittent data collection compromising decision making. PARAGON EM greatly exceeds the industry expectations, for example, in a recent two zone test the system delivered over 1,000 data points from a well during the first month of build-up, acquiring data at various rates from seconds to minutes. This flexibility stems from a system with duplex command capability, changing power consumption settings as well as sample rates depending on client requirements. 

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