Wireless data adds certainty to testing operations.

16th May 2018


Sampling was a key objective of this well test and viewing 'real time' bottom hole data secured sample activation when the oil was monophasic.

The test string was run with PARAGON allowing Metrol to position bottom hole PVT samplers below the pump. It was a key well test objective to capture four good quality bottom hole samples on hourly intervals whilst simultaneously capturing PVT samples at the test separator.  Downhole OCULUS gauges positioned above and below the samplers were able to monitor the fluid gradient and confirm single phase oil.

In the early part of DST 1. it was evident that the pump was drawing down the well too much and it was necessary to slow the pump rate, wireless data from the sand-face ensured the pump could function at a low rate guaranteeing the quality of the samples.

Being able to successfully communicate with all tools downhole in such a noisy and challenging environment and achieve test objectives demonstrates the value of the data and the robustness of the PARAGON acoustic system.

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