Metrol attend an industry technology forum.

16th May 2018


On Friday 27th April, Metrol presented at the Well Testing Network (WTN) in Houston, Texas. The WTN meets regularly at various global locations to share the latest innovations, developments and best practice in DST technology.

Metrol are leaders in providing wirelessly controlled valves and presented some examples of how our valves changed the testing strategy and brought time saving efficiencies in a high cost environment. In this example, after the DST's, four  zones were  abandoned using our FLOW-SURE SS and are now being monitored simultaneously using PARAGON-EM.

KUBIC-FLUX has been used to ensure reservoir conditions are balanced and optimised for detecting and saving small interference pressure pulses for later collection.

Coincidentally, at the same event a client of ours presented another example of how our wireless valves were used to selectively test two zones with one string. It was positive to witness the client endorsing our technology to the professional WTN assembly, and this reinforced the message of changing DST practices and embracing new technology enabled efficiencies. Questions were asked about killing the well in a multi-zone testing environment, but the client successfully deflected the challenge and was able to reference real-time wireless data from both sand faces to confirm the well was made safe.