PARAGON wireless shakes the "Well Testing" tree.

17th June 2019


The search for effective cost saving techniques in multi-zone testing is answered by the comprehensive use of acoustics to control and deliver a successful dual-zone test. A recent example sequence of two zones separated with two packers and conducted by a client in Asia used acoustics in the following sequence:

  • FLOW-SURE MC - a sliding sleeve located below the lower packer that was opened to enable a pressure test of the packer from below
  • CROSS-FIRE - to wirelessly perforate lower zone, the firing head unaffected by prior pressure test
  • FLOW-SURE BV – isolated and conducted build-up on lower zone, decision taken to stimulate lower zone, re-open valve
  • FLOW-SURE MC – wirelessly isolate lower zone using circulating valve below packer
  • CROSS-FIRE – wirelessly perforate upper zone while monitoring pressure build-up in lower zone. Upper zone stimulation/injectivity test
  • FLOW-SURE BV – wirelessly isolated upper zone and monitored both zones before final kill procedure

A total of nine OCULUS gauges, two CROSS-FIRE’s and four FLOW-SURE valves successfully enabled this dual-zone test, with one run in the hole safety was improved, risk was reduced and approximately eight days rig time saved.